Thursday, June 15, 2006

learning to play wisely

I just played another Go game with Guillaume. One of the problems I have is that when I see a ko that I can fight, I'll rush into it like a lemming.

It must be exhausting to play me sometimes.

I have to stop fighting just for the sake of fighting. Playing games is not all I'm doing for the summer. I am getting a Nintendo DS tomorrow, though. Hmmm...

In retrospect, I suppose I am playing too many games. The days here at Brown have been a lot of fun, but there is serious work I am trying to do. (Or am I trying to be serious about my work?) I've been fighting with PLT Scheme's module system; who knew that loading a module could be so frustrating sometimes?

The issue I've been seeing involves trying to erase lexical scope and inject modules through the blood-brain barrier that is PLT Scheme's evaluation REPL. DrScheme likes to fight back, and I find myself very exhausted and writing error prone code.

In fact, my lexical-scope-erasing macro code was flawed; here's the corrected code. So Schemers do write buggy code too.

If only it were easy to transfer my determination in playing into programming well.

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