Tuesday, April 17, 2007

death and taxes

I can't help feeling haunted about the deaths in yesterday's shooting. The shooting itself makes no sense to me.

I can appreciate that people are trying to find meaning in the murderer's actions, trying to blame video games, or psychotic drugs, or jealousy, or divine retribution. It can't all be random, can it?

I suppose there's a story about the murderer that remains to be told, the motives and the exposure of lurid, petty details. Still, he is meaningless to me.

I do see clear meaning in the actions of people like Liviu Librescu. How gloriously different are the saints. I'd rather think about Professor Librescu and the others like him, who faced death with courage, teaching one final lesson: "Love is stronger than death." Another one of those lessons that I'm trying to believe.


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